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Thursday, 28 August 2014
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04 Mar 13

IBS Group lifted by software

CEE software and services business IBS Group has reported consolidated revenues of $672.0m, a 6.1% increase yr/yr, with comparable revenues growth of 11.6% yr/yr. IT services was tougher and sales were $390.5m, up just 1.6%, though comparable revenues growth amounted to 10.6% in dollar terms, it says. Revenues in the Software Development segment amounted to $228.5m, up by 15.1%

Sales in Europe and North America amounted to $214.4m, and now account for 31.9% of consolidated Group revenues against 29.4% a year ago as headcount reached 8,473, having added 482 IT professionals. The increase was driven by the expansion of the delivery centers in Software Development segment. 
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