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    21 Mar 12

    Azlan forms UK services alliances

    Azlan, the enterprise arm of Tech Data, is building offerings in conjunction with other suppliers for a broad range of services offerings.  

    It has formed a five-person team in the UK, working with ITEC Intelligent Services to provide configuration, installation, project management and other core services resources to partners. Further collaborations and partnerships are being discussed, it says.

    The plan is to support resellers with software support, hardware maintenance and training and range of additional value-added services. The team has been brought together over the past two months to provide a focal-point for a major drive into the services arena by Azlan in the UK, it says.

    The team is being led by Kevin Markwick, who was appointed Azlan IBM and Services Business Unit Director at the end of last year and has since been working on building the team and Azlan Services.

    Markwick stated: “We see services as a massive opportunity and while we have encouraged resellers to build particular vendor services – and had some real success in doing that – we knew that we needed to put more concentrated and sustained effort on the wider services opportunity.”

    There are no plans to extend this outside Azlan UK.

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