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StarLink has new security operation in Benelux

Distributor StarLink has expanded into the Benelux region. Local teams are now in place along with key emerging security vendor contracts, it says.

StarLink now has a presence in 16 countries including the US and the UK.  With a focus on "next-generation" IT Security technologies, the business has grown organically at an average rate of 60% year on year, aiming for $300m in sales this fiscal year. It aims to offer a ‘Trusted Security Advisor’ to enterprise and government through its channel network of more than 1100 partners.

Niall McGrane, VP Europe at StarLink said “We are right on track with our plans to position StarLink as an innovative player in the IT distribution business across the Benelux, through a massive focus on developing new business opportunities for our suppliers, channel partners and their end customers. We are making very dynamic investments in local resources to expand the Starlink value proposition across Europe and deliver aggressive growth targets for both partners and suppliers”.