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SME tech frustrations offer opportunities for the channel

SMEs are playing ‘digital catch-up’ and need the channel's support to upgrade technology, or else they risk frustrating their staff with subpar IT, new research from Adobe has revealed. 

‘The Future of Digital Work' report suggests that while SMEs prioritise productivity, they are often held back by old IT systems and antiquated processes.

A significant number (85%) of surveyed respondents recognised technology's importance for efficiency, yet nearly as many (88%) admitted poor IT obstructs productivity.

The research revealed that 55% of SMEs are still relying on paper for over half of their business tasks.

The repercussions of inadequate work technology are significant, upsetting 21% of employees. Furthermore, a worrying 22% are considering job changes within the next half-year due to this issue.

With SMEs as their primary target, channel businesses have an opportunity to rectify these issues.

Claire Darley, VP of GTM and Sales, Digital Media for EMEA at Adobe, said: “The good news is that when technology is hurting their productivity, small business employees are willing to encourage their organisations to invest in better technologies.”