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Exclusive adds DDoS vendor

The increase in denial of service DDoS attacks spreading into mid-sized enterprises is the reason why Arbor Networks, which had been working mainly with service providers has gone to a two tier approach. It is using Exclusive Networks in Europe to reach those resellers supplying managed services and enterprise data centre security.

The relationships extends to Exclusive Networks Group’s country-specific businesses in Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and UK/Ireland. “Arbor Networks has been selling DDoS mitigation solutions to European Internet Service Providers for nearly a decade, and we include most of the Tier One providers as customers,” said Jeremy Nicholls, Europe channel director, Arbor Networks.

He says things have changed regarding DDoS: “It is reaching the enterprise. There is a lot more news about the lack of availability due to these attacks. It is easier to make the attacks and easier to get control of hundreds or thousands of PCs. The size and types of attacks have changed. The volumetric attacks using large numbers of attackers are traditional, but we are seeing more sophisticated attacks which are designed to attach the defence and fire-walls.”

Exclusive Networks Group is now able to distribute Arbor’s new Pravail Availability Protection System (Pravail APS) for enterprise data centre availability and the existing Peakflow SP platform for service provider networks across Europe.

To date the model has been mainly direct with a single channel tier with a number of integrators in Europe, but the new product is aimed at a different market and so needs a way to take solutions into the enterprise. “So this is really the first time it has gone to this area of the market with the channel,” says Barrie Desmond (above), Director of Marketing and Global Accounts at Exclusive Networks. “We are on a recruitment campaign as of now.”

He is currently looking at the coverage in terms of geography and vertical markets to assess the various needs for recruitment. On-line retail, finance, government, manufacturing and utilities are the key verticals, says Jeremy Nicholls. “The sort of partner we are looking for is already selling networks and switching, firewalls and IPS because these are the assets we are protecting.”

For Exclusive Networks, the move is seen as complementary to its existing portfolio. “The opportunity we see is right across the spectrum: any company or organisation from mid-size upwards will require some sort of mitigation system as part of their defence in a layered approach. As well as the big players, we are seeing demand from the enterprise resellers.”

With a package of appliance and software, and currently a handful of resellers in each major country, the appointment can be expected to appeal to the mid-size enterprises with data centres who are getting concerned about the rising tide of DDoS.
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