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UK-based Danny Lopez to run Glasswall Solutions

Danny Lopez has been appointed as CEO of cybersecurity company, Glasswall Solutions.  Prior to Glasswall, he spent two years as COO of Blippar, a UK-based technology company specialising in augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI) and was an advisor to a number of technology companies and public sector bodies. His experience will help Glasswall lead the way in assisting commercial organisations and government agencies rethink their approach to security, it says. From 2011 to 2016, Lopez was the British Consul General to New York and Director General for trade and investment in the US. Lopez will maintain his non-executive director (NED) role at Innovate Finance, the UK’s membership body representing global FinTech and his advisory role with FinTech Collective, a New York-based venture capital firm.

Though based in London, his target is to help Glasswall execute on business objectives in the US. As the US market grows in importance to Glasswall and to further capitalise on the exponential market opportunities, Greg Sim will serve as Executive President on the board. He will focus on solidifying key relationships, raising the company's profile, developing future opportunities and overseeing Glasswall’s position.

“Glasswall is one of the most innovative companies in cybersecurity with its unique approach against evasive and sophisticated threats,” said Danny Lopez. “I believe Glasswall is well-positioned to change the way the world thinks about cybersecurity and solve challenges that traditional solutions simply can’t. I’m excited to join this organisation at such a pivotal time and to lead the team as we help commercial organisations and government agencies rethink their approach to security.”