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Container specialist Droplet hails two-tier channel strategy

New container application management vendor Droplet Computing says it has reached a “milestone” in its two-tier channel strategy, with 30 partners now currently on-boarded.

It started last year after signing up specialist distributor Prianto in the UK and the US, to begin partner recruitment, training and on-boarding. The Prianto group in other countries.including the Netherlands, France and Germany has now also added Droplet into their vendor portfolio, 

 Yuri Pasea, CEO of Prianto UK says: “The traction we are seeing in new partners for Droplet demonstrates the appetite for its technology.”

Droplet containers enable a number of use case scenarios for organisations that require legacy, but business critical, applications to work on new operating systems they were not designed for. Legacy applications run in the container with no packaging or re-writing required. The ability to work online and offline is a key functionality and the containers are also said to be “highly secure”, according to a recent penetration test conducted by NCC Group, it says.

“We are very aware that for an innovative startup vendor, getting on channel partners’ agendas can be tough, but Prianto has been key in engaging new partners for us,” said Peter von Oven, founder of Droplet Computing. “For us to scale and service the demand we have in our pipeline, more partners are critical for our continued success and we look forward to welcoming new ones onboard.”

Peter Heath, CTO at UK Droplet partner XMA, said: “This year has been exciting and rewarding as we are now seeing our customers realise the benefits of the technology, especially in regards to overcoming application interoperability challenges while migrating to Windows 10.”