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ALSO adds Acronis in Bulgaria

ALSO Bulgaria and Acronis are working to add Acronis Cyber Protection solutions to the ALSO portfolio and also to make it available through the ALSO Cloud Marketplace which is now available in Bulgaria.

Two services are offered: on-premises solutions with a focus on security and data protection such as Acronis Cyber Infrastructure, Acronis Cyber Backup, the Acronis Cyber Disaster Recovery add-on, and Acronis Snap Deploy. Additionally, part of the portfolio will be composed of consumer-focused technologies including Acronis Disk Director and Acronis True Image.

Off premise, Acronis and ALSO will offer the fast-growing model through the ALSO Cloud Marketplace, it says. Services for customers such as Acronis Cyber Backup Cloud, Acronis Cyber Cloud, and the recently released Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud are based on a revenue model. 

“We strive to provide the best solutions possible to lead and support our partners in the IT industry. Both our platforms and our team are at the forefront of technology, combining innovation and efficiency to do business in a new way. In a vendor like Acronis, we see a strong leadership position and a demand for an innovative and fast approach to a digitalization of services, ensuring information security, quality, and convenient storage of business-critical data,” said Ralitsa Kilian, Chief Customer Officer of ALSO Bulgaria.

For his part, Ivan Dudin, Regional Director of Sales at Acronis added: “Partners are the basis of our business. We strive to not only be their supplier, but also their supporter as they work to achieve success. Our modern affiliate program provides technology and tools to deal with constantly-evolving threats and have a real opportunity to be more successful.”