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Thursday, 24 July 2014
    21 Mar 12

    Infor recruits new resellers

     Infor says it is planning to add up to 400 new resellers within the next three years. It seems encouraged by the recent positive developments as over 110 new channel partners have signed on since the launch of the IPN last June, it says.

    The company offers to its channel partners a variety of tools and incentives, which include trainings and certifications along with its Market Development Funding (MDF) programme to assist them to plan and utilise capital, it says.

    “Further developing our channel partner programme is important to Infor because it enables us to drive progress in all regions of the globe. With four consecutive quarters of year-over-year double-digit license growth, leading resellers want to become part of Infor’s ongoing evolution and expansion” says vice president, Global alliances and Channels, Infor, Jeff Abbott.

    New partners include Romanian solutions integrator Brinel, UK-based IT systems and services provider Cambridge Online Systems Limited, Cocultoria e Servicos Ltda., ERP products specialist IBIS, mid-market systems integrator Lucidity Consulting Group, Premiers Computing, Inc. and VICOR Business Services.

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