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Customers should limit bespoke work on security

Rik Van Bruggen is the new as head of sales for Central Europe for security and access management specialist Courion. He joins the EMEA team led by Marc Lee, Sales Director EMEA and will be responsible for accelerating the company’s growth into Benelux, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and France.

As well as an office in the UK, Courion has just opened one in Belgium where he is based. More recruitment is planned for this office as, he says “the market in Benelux is advanced”. He also reports strong demand from Switzerland.

Rik Van Bruggen joins Courion from Imprivata where he held a series of senior sales positions including VP Sales EMEA. Prior to Imprivata, he worked for Novell and EDS in Europe.

There is plenty of business to go after, he tells IT Europa, and he hopes to find some new channel players among security specialist VARs, integrators and vertical market specialists. “It is an evolving market,” he says, and the skills needed are tending towards better business understanding among channels. With a 50/50 split on the value of Courion’s core technology and add-on services and configuration, he understands the need for customers to recognise that “too much customisation costs money” and to limit their specification modifications. It is like ERP systems were ten years ago, when they were all very costly and bespoke, he thinks. “Customers need to buy into this principle, and accept that they may need to adjust their processes to the tools.”

Courion is finding growth in healthcare in particular among the verticals. “The new types of technology are leading to all sorts of practical problems,” he says. The Netherlands market is demanding, with complex specifications and detailed regulations, an issue which he faces in all the various European country markets. With new Courion tools coming out later this year and expansion of cloud-based products, he has plenty to get on with.

With half an eye on the new EU regulations, Courion has just produced its first “Access Intelligence” solution, Access Insight designed to change operational security tools into business tools by constantly analyzing IAM and other security data from access governance, user provisioning, and password management systems, as well as external sources, to identify and quantify access risks to vital information such as intellectual property, medical records, personally identifiable information and customer data. This critical information can also be integrated into enterprise governance, risk and compliance (eGRC) applications as part of an overall enterprise view of access risk, a key feature of such systems going forwards.
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