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Video Archive

Welcome to the video archive, here you can find all of our event video presentations, this includes:

  • Managed Services Hosted Summit
  • ISV Convention
  • European Software and Solutions Summit

EUSSS 2015: HP

HP reveals ISV2 SaaS Scheme in Europe

EUSSS 2015: Salesforce

Salesforce customers and the journey

EUSSS 2015: HP Channels

HP Channels

EUSSS 2015: Verizon

EUSSS 2015: Interoute

EUSSS 2015: Oracle

Managed Services 2014

Managed Services looks for excellence and agility balance.

Oracle m2m

Oracle's Laurent Zelmanowicz on the way the M2M industry is facing a challenge to implement the services that emerge from the vast flood of data from new, cheap sensors.

Oracle Big Data

Oracle's Laurent Zelmanowicz on the scale of this flood of data - managing the data from a roomful of people is one thing - scale that by 100,000 and issues of storage, management and analysis are very different.

HP: New style of IT

HP's Hans Van Breda on the "New style of IT" - the recession has driven customers away from owning IT systems and towards being more flexible in their approach

IBM: Watson Super Computer

What does IBM's Watson do?

IBM: Watson - Mimic of a human sales person

Lauri Saft on how Watson can be used to mimic an experienced technical sales person in retail; could this replace expert advice?

Microsoft: Rise of devices

Microsoft Rob Croft on the rapid rise of devices and IP connections; the power of smartphones and prospect of more to come; apps drive this.

Interoute: Review the options

Interoute's Matthew Finnie on how now is a very good time to review all the options; it is not so much a technology leap as lots of changes in delivery, expectations and opportunities.