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For user access to IT Europa Web Site

1. General
In these Terms references to "IT Europa" shall mean IT Europa , a trading name of IT Europa Publications Limited, owners of the site IT Europa. References to "You" shall mean the person wishing to have access to the Site and references to the "Site" shall mean IT Europa. These Terms shall govern the relationship between IT Europa and you in respect of your access to the Site. Access to the Site is subject to the requirements of IT Europa and shall be on and subject to these Terms. Use by you of the Site demonstrates that you have read and accepted these Terms.

2. Access to the Site
You are permitted to view, print or download extracts from the Site for your personal use only. You may not publish, reproduce, transmit or store any part of the Site or its contents nor may you disseminate them in any form nor include them in any retrieval system (whether public or private). Your licence to use the Site is limited accordingly

3. Individual Access
The use and access is personal to you. You shall not permit anyone else to obtain access to the Site nor may you do anything which would or might allow any person other than you to have access to all or any part of the Site and/or any part of the information contained on it. If you breach this term IT Europa may forthwith cancel your rights of access.

4. Duration
Your right of access will be for an indefinite term subject to the provisions for termination contained in these Terms. Either IT Europa or you may terminate these arrangements at any time by notice served on the other.

5. Intellectual Property Rights
Copyright and all other intellectual property rights in all material presented on the Site is reserved to IT Europa except where otherwise stated.

6. Delivery Policy
Orders will be activated/dispatched within 2 working days after payment of funds or acceptance of a credit account and receipt of purchase order. Order acceptance will be acknowledged by email.

7. Refund/Cancellation Policy
Cancellation and refund of the funds taken can be accepted only until dispatch of the CD or user name/password details.

8. Disclaimer
To the fullest extent permitted by the law, IT Europa hereby excludes all warranties regarding the Site including warranties that might otherwise be implied as to quality performance, or fitness for purpose. IT Europa shall have no liability for any claim whether arising in contract, tort or otherwise, from your use of or inability to use the Site or any material contained on it or from anything you might do or refrain from doing as a result of using the Site or such material.

9. Data Protection
IT Europa may, unless you notify IT Europa in writing that you do not wish this, send you information and offers for products and services.

10. Interruption
IT Europa shall not be liable to you for any interruption or delay that you experience in obtaining access to the Site, whatever the cause.

11. Variations
IT Europa reserves the right to add to or amend all or any part of these Terms by placing details on the Site. You shall be responsible for referring to those details on accessing the service. The alterations will be effective four hours after first being placed on the Site. If you are not prepared to accept those changes you must serve notice on IT Europa to that effect (thus terminating your registrations) forthwith: continuing to access the Site as opposed to serving such notice after that time will constitute your acceptance of any such alterations.

12. Notices
Notices shall be served by either party by email to the email address notified by the other party from time to time. Notices will be deemed to have been served one hour after transmission.

13. Law and Jurisdiction
These Terms shall be governed by English law and IT Europa and you submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England.

14. Whitepapers
By choosing to download or view any information, such as whitepapers, supplements or e-books, through IT Europa’s website, you agree that the information supplied to access these sponsored supplements may be passed forward to the sponsor. The sponsor may contact you regarding their products and services.

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