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Ingram Micro brings co-opetition group to UK

The giant distributor wants to try the US collaborative partner model in Europe and is starting with the UK.

The idea behind VentureTech Network is a network of independent resellers who share ideas, resources, and technologies in a non-competitive environment. VTN makes it possible for members to easily partner with one another and to turn a local or regional business into a nationwide or multi-regional operation, it says.

Brent McCarty, Ingram Micro’s Managing Director and VP for UK and Ireland commented: “Having participated in the VTN community for many years in North America, I’ve seen firsthand how committed the partners are and how important VTN has been to helping build their businesses. Participation is the key to maximizing the many benefits the VTN model presents and it’s great to see how much our founding members enjoy taking part and the passion they feel for the programme.”

As part of the community, VTN members have the opportunity to network with and learn from other successful resellers, share best practices, leverage capabilities and have greater visibility of vendors and market evolution. “With VTN, you get out what you put in and I look forward to seeing VTN become the premier partner community in the UK, as it is in North America,” concludes McCarty.

Mark Williams, Client Services Director of Wavex, will serve as VTN UK’s first council President.

The first chapter meeting will take place this month in Surrey and will be hosted by Ingram Micro’s North America Vice President of Marketing, Jennifer Anaya and Senior Director of North America Channel Marketing and Account Management, John Fago.

The recruitment process for VTN UK started in 2013, with three reseller partners attending the North America VTN Invitational in Palm Springs, California to experience first-hand the power of what VTN brings to the VAR community of network members. These three partners are now the founding members of the UK community: Lan2Lan, Symitry, Wavex.