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Channels look to stop threats before they reach customers

Channels are looking to block threats before they get to networks. Web-based DNS Protection can do this, says Webroot, and can be applied to all types and sizes of business. The intuitive, web-based DNS Protection console enables admins to finely tune web access policies by IP address or IP range, and limit access to any other websites that you may consider a risk to networks. Webroot offers over 82 URL categories, allowing admins to determine the right usage policies for their organisation, so control stays where it belongs, either with the IT department or the service provider.

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Key benefits:

•             No hardware or software to install, and setup takes just a few minutes

•             Blocks malware and other threats at the domain level

•             Customisable policies and on-demand, drill-down reporting

•             Integrated into the Global Site Manager endpoint security console for MSPs

Using the internet is going to stay a high risk activity for every business, regardless of usage. With Webroot SecureAnywhere DNS Protection, there’s a straightforward and highly effective way to prevent everyday web usage from becoming a major security risk.

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