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On-device management framework from Enea

Sweden-based real-time and Linux specialist Enea now has an On-Device Management framework, based on Enea Element version 3.6.0. Among the most prominent feature add-ons, new support for the NETCONF configuration protocol is found.

With the rapid convergence of telecom, cloud, connected devices, and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), the need for more capable and heterogeneous device management solutions has increased. Enea’s On-Device Management framework provides management functionality within a managed device, whether it is a single node or a distributed system.

“With the addition of the NETCONF protocol, Enea’s framework now supports the relevant northbound protocols”, said Daniel Forsgren, SVP Product Management, Enea. “NETCONF is the emerging standard for device management, and Enea uses it to manage, configure, control, and deploy functions within a cloud infrastructure. It allows network administrators to automate tasks across heterogeneous devices in software defined networks – all in the data modelling language YANG.”