Market Intelligence

IT Europa's database reports help vendor and channel organizations to: Identify perfect partners, form strategic alliances, penetrate existing & emerging markets, assess the competition and boost sales & margins.

IT Europa's Managed Service Providers in Europe (MSPs) – The Top 1000 market intelligence database report is essential to any vendor or channel organisation looking to partner with the leading MSPs across Europe.
IT Europa’s new European Communication Reseller - The Top 750 database report provides Detailed Market Intelligence profiles and contacts on the leading Comms Resellers who generate €26billion per annum
IT Europa’s new European Cloud & Hosting Providers - The Top 250 database report provides detailed profiles of Europe’s leading Cloud and Hosting Providers spanning 24 European countries.
Solution VARs in Europe - The Top 500
The Solution VARS database report. The largest application and solution resellers across 16 vertical markets in 32 European countries.
Systems Integrators in Europe - The Top 500
Detailed profiles of the top 500 Systems Integrators across 33 countries, with combined annual sales of €159.82 billion.
Corporate Resellers in Europe - The Top 300
The Corporate Resellers in Europe – The Top 300 report provides detailed market intelligence on the large account resellers in Europe.
ISVs in Europe - The Top 500
ISVs database report is now available. The most comprehensive overview available of Europe's Independent Software Vendors, the most sought after channel partners in the ICT industry.
UK Resellers - The Top 500
The database report contains profiles and contact information on the leading corporate, convergence resellers, Systems integrators and Solution VARs in the UK.

Distributors in Europe – The Top 500

Database providing detailed company profiles on Europe's leading IT distributors in over 38 countries.
Database report profiling the leading VARs, Resellers, Systems Integrators and service providers in the Middle East.