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Why security is too important to leave to specialists in the channel

Security is no longer just the market driver for the specialist channel. With it becoming an essential part of every technology solution, partners need to position what they offer with a clear security message to customers and potential clients. But how do you assess just what your capabilities are? Can you benchmark your skills and solutions against the competition?

Tech Data’s European VP of security and mobile solutions David Ellis believes now is the time for all IT channels, service providers and resellers to understand just where they are on security and prepare a strategy to build on it. Talking to IT Europa Editor John Garratt, he succinctly covers how partners can measure and get a clearly reported analysis of their position and use this as part of a structured plan to sell more security more effectively.

“There needs to be a broader channel to implement these solutions and that it is a market not just for the specialist VARs. The channel loses relevance if it cannot offer broader solutions. We are working to produce a maturity assessment so that partners can benchmark themselves against their peers in the community. It allows them to look for growth opportunities as it gives a full report based on the outcomes. By understanding this they are in a better position on where to make investments.”

Hear what he has to say in this brief introduction to security assessments for partners….

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