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Why deep learning leading to AI will help the channel enhance cyber security

Ransomware has been hitting the news recently and the headline stories are just the potential tip of a large iceberg. One of the most exciting areas that can combat this, and other advanced cyber threats, sits under the broad category of artificial intelligence. However, there is a lot of messaging bombarding the channel with many claims around the power of AI - but what is the real deal?

Deep Instinct’s VP for Product Marketing and Strategic Communication Justin Vaughan-Brown believes that the technology will enable channel partners to not only spot zero-day threats before they can cause damage but also streamline operations by reducing ‘false positives” to a much more manageable level.

“We've talked a lot of SOC teams, and we've done our own research that's shown around 25%, or quarter of a working week is lost by going through these red herrings – the drudge grunt work of false positives. If you could reduce that 25% false positive rate down to around 0.1%, then you go from a complete flood to a couple of drops in a bucket. Just think of how much time that gives you back to do things like threat hunting and other more strategic tasks. So, I think there's a great opportunity for the channel to help empower, enable and educate their customers in terms of those benefits and show them that there truly is a better way.”

In his discussion with IT Europa, Justin provides a candid overview of the current state of play for machine leaning and AI and clears up some common misconceptions around the technology.

Hear what he has to say in this brief introduction into the world of AI for cyber security and its relevance for partners….

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