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Tech Data VP Dave Ellis talks about channel security opportunities

“There's a lot of questions about how can people enter the market: how can they enter a in a way that reduces barriers for them? That's always a challenge for a partner because they're trying to juggle their core businesses and they want to do new things. I think that's a real common theme amongst those that are wanting to be service providers more traditional product resellers or security solutions resellers. There's no doubt that there's a big opportunity within the SMB market. I think that traditionally a lot of the security channel has always focused on the on the enterprise. And I think there's a growing appetite and a growing need to focus SMB

And you know if you're a two-man company or you're a two thousand man company if you have a weakness you're potentially at risk. I think there's a real need for companies to look at how they can make it as easy as possible for SMB users to secure their infrastructure. I think that's also key takeaway from my perspective.

Is it something that's bolted on to existing services or does it run as a separate practice? I think the there's opportunities for both. A provider could be offering some managed unified comms in which they want to add some security or someone that focuses on security selling managed security to overlay an existing infrastructure. I think the key thing in that environment is that a customer is buying a service and the business outcome rather than technology.

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