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Jason Howells, Barracuda MSP director of international business

“We have had several good conversations today – a mix of MSPs that are fairly large and some way onto their security journey, but also people that are looking to start on that journey. They are being asked about security by their customers and they need help and support. We help them on the first stages. People are concerned about setting the wrong expectations with their customers and Barracuda MSP can guide them in this and how they present themselves, even to the point where some of the services fully managed by us can be sold as their own services.”

“It is a huge networking event and a chance to talk to new MSPs that we have not met before. It is really interesting at an event like this, where there are a wealth of speakers who are experts in their own fields, not necessarily security which is also useful for us to help understand the pressures on managed services providers and help steer our business.”

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