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Edmund Cartwright, Director of Sales & Marketing, Highlight

“The MSP marketplace is still very aggressive and this is driving consolidation and acquisitions. The battlefield that we see is that MSPs know they have to up their game in terms of customer experience and relationships. When you compare one MSP with the next, for the corporate customer it is not always easy to differentiate. The MSPs are having to figure out how they differentiate.

“There have been a lot of interesting ideas this morning (at the Managed Services and Hosting Summit), particularly in terms of understanding the customers, and for the MSP – where their strengths are and the sweet spot for them. That is very interesting for us, because we have a solution which MSPs use to serve their corporate customers. So that is good intel for us and enablement for them.

“The value of this sort of event is a real opportunity to get to meet people from all over the industry – all types of MSP. MSP is a broad term, so we look at managed network providers, those in security and so on. it is good to talk to all these people and collaborate.”

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