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Chris Tate, Datto - Security's a key part of being an MSP

“It's been it's been a really interesting event. I think the main thing that we're hearing differently to previous events is that the channel is waking up or becoming far more aware of their obligations around security and what they need to be doing to help protect their customers. I think it's clearly a very hot topic where as it is being covered in the mainstream news all over the place. So I think it's just people are wanting to know more about security and I think that the MSP are looking to events like this and vendors such as Datto to try and get information to help them out with that.”

“We've had a very wide ranging series of discussions everything from blockchain to government involvement - anything that actually changing in this industry at the moment.”

“There is as I say the real realization that things need to be engaged and just can't be put on the backburner. Security's got to be a key part of an MSP security offering rather than kind of an add-on. 90 percent of what an MSP should be doing to prevent most attacks are the basics of things around patching which a lot of MSP aren't doing. I don't think there's a huge change happening in terms of what's needed to be done. I think it's more a case of MSPs that they need to be doing it and getting more involved in doing that.”

“I think within the next year from a purely sort of transactional/commercial point of view there's obviously a huge opportunity around the Windows 7 End of Life program which is happening where a third of all Windows based pieces are still running Windows 7. From the MSP point of view that there's a lot of transactional work to do to try and sort of get over that over that hump much like we did with Windows XP.”  

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