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Tech Data offers vendor software stores to unify options

Distributor Tech Data is to switch users of its Licensing OnLine (LOL) to its new Software Stores and its InTouch tool from next February. The new dedicated Software Stores for its vendors aim at making it easier for resellers to find the right licenses or subscriptions for customers and include them on standard quotations and orders.

The new stores, which can be accessed via the Software tab on the main area of Tech Data’s InTouch website, cover Acronis, Adobe, McAfee, Microsoft and Veritas. All available licenses and subscriptions can also be found through a search and included on quotations and orders as normal line items.

td intouch.jpg

The changes have been made to bring all software options together under one system, as Lauren Cooke, Software Sales Manager at Tech Data explained: “The software market landscape is changing and all vendors are moving to a subscription model. We felt it was time to bring all software options together as this will make it easier for partners, whether they have used mainly licensing or sold full-packaged products in the past. With the new Software Stores it is easier to find what you want and include it on a normal quote.”

Enhanced functionality is also being introduced with the Software Stores, which aim provide a simple step-by-step process through which resellers can select the right product for the customer. The appearance of screens has been improved and full validation is included, it says.