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Selling everything as a service also means keeping existing business

Retaining clients and securing a larger piece of a shrinking budgetary pie continue to be IT services suppliers’ priorities. Traditional sales efforts in attracting and landing new business has become more difficult in an all-virtual environment, challenging IT services vendors and consultancies to develop novel ways to promote new offerings to existing and potential clients.

It also means service providers having to protect their existing customer relationships. Keynotes at the Everything-as-a-Service (XaaS) event, the XaaS Summit to be held online on 9 September, will cover some key differences from traditional sales models and a new urgency in the move to services in IT.

Danielle VanZandt, Security Industry Analyst at Frost & Sullivan will present on the global security services business, arguing that: “While some security sectors may find themselves experiencing a slower recovery than others, much of the industry will witness a shift to more service-based solution offerings after years of hesitance by customers to adopt these solutions.”

Also recognising some of the shortcomings in current channel sales models, Leahanne Hobson of Alinea Partners will reveal her experiences as a “secret shopper” buying services on behalf of some of the biggest IT service providers. How does your selling of services, and their follow-up compare with her good and bad list?

Find out more on the day as we work with experts on short, “snappy” insights into this sector; explore the latest trends in the growth of this exciting new market, the critical role the channel is playing in its development and the new opportunities being created. It includes SaaS, platform-as-a-service, infrastructure-as-a-service, building resilience, security as-a-service, unified comms as a service, hardware-as-a-service, and the use of cloud for AI, IOT management and delivery of knowledge online.

The event will take the form of interactive sessions, focusing on the fastest growing sectors of XaaS - Security-as-a-Service - and on Innovation and Expertise-as-a-Service, will explore the critical role that the channel plays in introducing new technologies such as artificial intelligence, IOT, Edge Computing and Digital Transformation.

Each session will explore the issues and opportunities channels, including service providers, security specialists, integrators and resellers currently face and will be based around a keynote presentation from an independent authority along with further interactive presentations and interviews with industry experts. They will also feature a moderated panel discussion responding to issues raised by the audience.

Registration is free-of-charge for qualifying delegates - i.e. director/senior management level representatives of ISVs, MSPs, Systems Integrators and Solution VARs. Register here