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Secure browser aims at European market

US-based Authentic8, the company behind the secure cloud browser Silo, has announced its expansion into Europe. The software firm, which was named an approved bidder by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), will present its pioneering web isolation solutions at NITEC19, NATO’s annual industry conference which will take place on May 20-22 in Oslo, Norway.

“We feel honored by this opportunity to introduce the new version of Silo and its improved capabilities to the senior technology decision makers of the NATO community,” said Scott Petry, co-founder and CEO of Authentic8. “The inclusion of Silo and Silo Research Toolbox in the premier showcase of tech innovations that would strengthen NATO is a vote of confidence for web isolation in general and for Silo in particular.”

Web isolation with the Silo Cloud Browser enables Authentic8 customers to browse the internet without exposing their identity or local IT to web-borne exploits and threats. Silo Research Toolbox serves as an integrated web research platform with managed attribution that enables security analysts to collaboratively conduct secure, misattributed, and anonymous investigations on the open, deep, and dark web.

In the US, more than 500 security-sensitive companies and public sector organizations use the company’s Cloud Browser and Research Toolbox solutions, it says.

In Europe, it serves several major government and commercial customers with its regional and worldwide infrastructure and is currently expanding its sales, solution engineering, and support teams. Its presence at NITEC reflects the increased demand for web isolation solutions among the alliance’s 29 member nations and their respective NATO operations, according to Justin Cleveland, Head of Government Operations at Authentic8.