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O2 Telefónica, Matrixx partner to launch new B2B services on Google Cloud

Telecommunication firm O2 Telefónica has joined forces with 5G billing solutions provider Matrixx Software to launch new B2B services, running on Google Cloud.

For the first time, O2 Telefónica will run Matrixx’s Converged Charging System on Google Cloud’s Confidential Computing offering. With this technology, data is also encrypted during processing via a special shielded component. 

“We combined the flexibility and configurability of Matrixx and the scalability and privacy capabilities of Google Cloud,” said Mallik Rao, CTIO, O2 Telefónica. “As a result, we’re now able to offer our B2B customers unmatched confidentiality delivered by a highly configurable charging product running on a massively scalable public cloud platform.”

O2 Telefónica’s new B2B service enables the delivery of more valuable and innovative products and services. In the first step, Telefónica will use the new digital commerce platform for its digital B2B office solutions.

In the future, it will develop other B2B products such as All-IP fixed-net, SD-WAN and 5G solutions, O2 Telefónica said. 

“With the first launch of this new enterprise offering in the public cloud, O2 Telefónica has raised the bar on what’s possible for telecommunication providers,” added Glo Gordon, CEO at Matrixx Software. “Working in partnership with Google Cloud’s breakthrough Confidential Computing offering, we’re honoured to support O2 Telefónica’s technology transformation.”

With it, O2 Telefónica will help German firms efficiently manage their digital applications and networking solutions, said George Nazi, VP, telco, media and entertainment industry solutions at Google Cloud.

“We’re proud to bolster O2 Telefónica’s commitment to deliver secure, high-speed connectivity in the region, and to support the modernisation of its own core systems through the delivery of the Matrixx Digital Commerce Platform on Google Cloud,” he said.