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NGS brings Ordr to IoT networks

NGS brings Ordr to IoT networks

Connected device security vendor Ordr is partnering with UK-based security services firm NGS (Next Generation Security) to protect organisations across different verticals.

The combination of Ordr's AI-driven connected device security platform with NGS' cyber security implementation expertise will deliver solutions to protect IoT networks and operational technology (OT), for instance.

"It can be overwhelming for organisations to try and keep track of all of their connected devices, especially in periods of high growth and technological advancement," said Jonathan Lassman at NGS.

"With Ordr's platform, real-time asset inventories about devices, identification of vulnerabilities and risks, along with automated policies to secure them, will be available to every IT and security team."

With Ordr, organisations can establish proactive security policies that enable communications required for device operations, while limiting exposure. In addition, organisations can quickly mitigate risks during an attack by quarantining devices, blocking traffic, terminating sessions or implementing zero trust segmentation.

"The speed with which technology is adopted and updated in today's business world means that you need a combination of expertise and innovative solutions on your side in order to maintain a strong security posture," added Kieran Wood, sales director for EMEA at Ordr.

"NGS is well-known for its ability to understand the modern threat landscape and protect its clients from the latest attacks. We're working with them on extending that expertise to connected devices."