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Netherlands backs quantum computing with state investment

The Netherlands aims at building a world-class European quantum ecosystem and this week the Dutch government has formalized the Dutch strategy on quantum technologies by presenting an investment plan of €615m over seven years. 

The ambition of the Quantum Delta NL program is high: to position the Netherlands as a new Silicon Valley for quantum technology for Europe, with objectives to scale up to 100 start-ups, 2,000 PhDs and engineers and three large corporate R&D labs by 2027. The program fuels the development of the European quantum computer and the quantum internet, open to end users in business and social sectors, including education. It builds a barrierless ecosystem where talent at all levels is trained and collaborates across institutional boundaries to create a new European high-tech industry. Birch Consultants has calculated that the market for quantum technology will grow to more than $65bn over the next 20 years and Boston Consulting Group estimates the market for quantum could grow to around USD $300 billion worldwide by 2050.

Mona Keijzer, State Secretary of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy: "Innovation aimed at digitization, sustainability and health has immediately been given a prominent place at the start of the National Growth Fund. This is good for all Dutch people. After all, research and development is the key to sustainable growth and therefore to our jobs and income in the future. The government must also actively provide large-scale public funding to further develop research, innovation and technology, to allow start-ups to grow, to attract talent, to keep innovation in the Netherlands and thus to strengthen our international position. I see great opportunities for the collaborating companies, knowledge institutions and governments involved in this, such as at Quantum Delta NL, to start capitalizing on these challenges."

Ronald Hanson, chairman of the Supervisory Board Quantum Delta NL: "The Netherlands has a lot to offer with strong quantum hubs in Delft, Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Leiden and Twente. We are building on our public private partnerships to scale one of the leading quantum technology ecosystems by investing in talent, research, entrepreneurship and research facilities."