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Huawei woos mobile developers with $1bn

HUAWEI’s Developer Conference 2019 has been told that its Mobile Services now boasts over 100 million users outside of China. In addition, it announced a new developer engagement project named 'Shining-Star' backed by a $1bn investment is to offer open capabilities for development and testing, as well as the global launch of HMS-Core which will provide better development opportunities for more than 910,000 global developers. Huawei also announced a new content partnership with Filmin in Spain.    

"Intelligent connections are the future. HUAWEI Mobile Services provides a global platform, connecting 910K developers and 100 million overseas users,"  said Jervis Su, Vice President of Mobile Services, Huawei Consumer Business Group. "These connections make a real difference. With the HUAWEI Mobile Services portfolio, we have been able to show that there is real demand for a more intelligent solution. We are very proud to be able to announce a number of milestone successes for our portfolio."

Building on the momentum of these results, Huawei announced a new developer engagement project, dubbed 'Shining-Star'. The project has been endowed with $1bn of resources to provide support for developers and create a smart mobile service innovation ecosystem. This will help partners to create digital innovation and encourage developers to access Huawei's open capabilities and services,  it says.

New HUAWEI DigiX Labs are going to open in six regions in 2019, the first one in Düsseldorf, Germany. In these labs, developers and partners all across the world can test services remotely and find resources they need to develop the apps and services of the future. The Labs are equipped with AR, VR, AI, CameraKit, Ability Gallery, HMS core and other open technologies and will offer a truly open space for innovative work.

The introduction of the HMS-core, a collection of HUAWEI developer kits, will support and augment functionality across devices, it says.

At the HUAWEI Developer Conference, the company signed a new co-operation agreement with Filmin, which will bring its streaming catalogue to HUAWEI users in Spain. Filmin boasts over 9000 movies, 248 TV series and 400 broadcast partners that guarantees that users never go without entertainment.