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Expert view on Europe as target for ransomware

Datto last week reported that Europe was the top target area for ransomware. IT Europa asked Datto's Chief Information Security Officer Ryan Weeks why this could be. Is it a result , perhaps, of GDPR compliance requirements, and why the higher multiple attacks in a single day?

"There are likely many reasons for the differences including, proximity to countries that are known to be centers for the creation of ransomware, a higher propensity to pay ransoms, skill gaps and shortages in cybersecurity professionals, habits in technology adoption and configuration, and other differences can all contribute."

IT Europa: "Nearly half your MSPs report Office 365 infections – obviously use of O365 is increasing, but is there a perception that O365 is inherently safe because it is in the cloud? What can Datto do to improve understanding of this?

RW: "The misunderstanding that most people have regarding cloud services is that it will be easy to recover data from the cloud provider - they do that for me. This common misconception makes cloud services an attractive target for attackers to hold ransom. Being prepared to deal with ransomware in those environments and recover data is much lower, thus there is a higher likelihood of having a ransom paid."

IT Europa:"A lot of the cyber attacks infiltrate an organization and go quiet until needed, which could be months afterward. Do MSPs get this and can they explain how a disaster recovery plan allows for this while enabling a rapid recovery?"

RW: "We see a high level of awareness in MSPs with regards to attacker dwell time and the need for solid recovery plans. This is a valuable service that the MSP can provide, and is frequently communicated to their end users."

IT Europa: "How can Datto encourage user education through the MSP?"

RW: ​"Datto has several vehicles (blogs, portal content, webinars, roadshows, and more) that we use to educate MSPs about the threats in the security landscape. These vehicles empower MSPs to get the messages and facts they need to further educate those around them and those they support.  This partnership has a multiplicative force and is one we will continue to devote time and energy toward."

Read the European State of the Channel Ransomware report here: