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EU decides this week on Google deletion scope- updated

An EU Court of Justice will deliver an opinion on January 10 about whether Google can limit the geographic scope of the "right to be forgotten" to EU-based searches. Google has been fighting the 2014 privacy ruling that forces the search company to remove, upon request, links to outdated or irrelevant information about a person.
Google currently removes the links in the EU and on non-EU sites accessed from the region. The company has received 2.9 million deletion requests and approved less than half. In 2017, France's highest administrative court asked the EU tribunal whether the right could be extended outside the EU.

Update - 10 Jan

An EU Court of Justice adviser says Google *can* limit the "right to be forgotten" to the EU. Court of Justice judges typically follow the adviser's opinion, but a formal decision won't come for two to four months.