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Atos appoints ex-Accenture chief post Mitel deal

After selling its Unify unit to Mitel, Atos has appointed former Accenture CEO Yves Bernaert as its new chief.

His primary objective will be to guide Atos through its transformation and oversee its split into two distinct units.

Should the division be approved, Bernaert will spearhead the growth of the new Eviden group. 

He and CFO Paul Saleh are in talks with EP Equity Investment (EPEI), awaiting board and shareholder decisions.

Bertrand Meunier, Chairman of Atos' board of directors, said: "Yves’ personal and professional strengths, ability to lead teams through major transformations, in-depth knowledge of our industry and belief in the critical role our sector plays in meeting the national and European digital sovereignty objectives, make him the ideal leader.”

Bernaert added: “I am confident that we can overcome the challenges that lie ahead and successfully deliver the ongoing transformation."