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Anixter opens biggest European distribution centre

US-headquartered network security and electronics distributor Anixter has opened a new UK custom-built distribution facility in Lichfield, West Midlands.

Despite having 180,000 less square feet than the old facility in Birmingham, the new Lichfield distribution centre has 20% more cubic storage capacity as a result of an improved floor plan and efficient design.

“This new distribution hub will be Anixter’s largest distribution centre in Europe, serving our markets in the UK and mainland Europe,” said Ross Brown, regional operations manager for Anixter in the UK. “With additional storage capacity and new areas allocated for supply chain services, we will be able to get product into the shipping system and out to our customers much faster.”

According to Brown, Anixter is looking to implement pick-to-voice technology in the facility in 2019, which will further increase the efficiency of its warehouse staff, while enhancing safety and accuracy.

With Bluetooth headsets and Android devices directing them to their next pick, employees will have their hands and eyes free, and be able to confirm vocally in their preferred language.

“Having a modern, efficient distribution centre in Lichfield is critical to supporting Anixter’s operations in the region, not only in the UK, but throughout Europe,” said Orlando McGee, executive vice president of global operations at Anixter.