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ALSO launches artificial intelligence platform, appoints AI head

Switzerland-headquartered distributor ALSO has launched an artificial intelligence (AI) Marketplace Platform for resellers looking to take advantage of the growing AI business opportunities. “Experts predict the total addressable market for AI will more than double in the next four years, growing from $156.5bn to more than $300bn in 2024,” ALSO said.

The marketplace will bring together technologies, products and services from leading AI vendors and ALSO’s network of experts, including solution architects, data scientists and AI developers.

As part of its AI channel partner drive, ALSO has appointed Peter Ivanov as it new head of artificial intelligence. Bulgarian Ivanov originally joined the company in 2019.

In addition, ALSO is setting up a specific AI Partner Program for system houses and resellers. “This way, the company wants to ensure that channel partners will get all the support they need to start monetising AI opportunities and successfully deliver their first AI adoption projects,” it said.

“Offers range from building blocks to fully managed services,” said ALSO. It said AI use cases include sales process recommendation and automation, digital assistance for knowledge workers and cybersecurity threat intelligence. It added that some of the fastest growing use cases are automated human resources, IT automation and pharmaceutical research and discovery.

The combination with applications like Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can be a “game changer” for manufacturing or administration, said the firm, when it comes to repetitive, time-consuming or error-prone tasks.