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Spirent updates network testing platform

UK-listed Spirent Communications plc, a test, measurement, assurance and analytics solutions specialist now offers Spirent TestCenter IQ – an expansion of its end-to-end solution for testing, measuring and validating networks and service deployments. The TestCenter IQ platform provides accelerated troubleshooting, reporting and testing cycles through a powerful set of customizable searching, charting, reporting, and event-monitoring tools, all controlled through a new, easy-to-navigate web graphical user interface.

Spirent TestCenter aims to help reduce complexity of network testing through the isolation and presentation of issues, saving test engineers valuable support time and costs. With the new TestCenter IQ platform, the integration of error events and results data is claimed to be an industry first, providing additional insights through consolidated, real-time monitoring and correlation for in-depth analysis of system behavior. The intuitive reporting and fault isolation capabilities help answer questions quickly to accelerate development of new products and services.

The user-editable Health Indicator shows at a glance if error events are encountered during a test. Combined with powerful and context-sensitive drill-down views, Health Indicators enable users to navigate to specific ports or streams that are exhibiting errors. In large and extremely complex test configurations with potentially thousands of streams, engineers can identify a handful of problem streams or ports in a matter of seconds, to find and resolve issues promptly.

The new IQ platform also enables analysis of historical test data, allowing users to apply new Health Indicators even after a test is completed, thereby providing new insight and analysis of any specific moment. In addition, Spirent has augmented the result reporting capabilities by providing customizable templates for common test reports - another industry first. Engineers can specify which metrics to include and display in their customized layout, or select from intelligent templates based on test type.

“Spirent’s industry-leading test capabilities at extremely high port speeds and scale allow our customers to create test configurations with ever increasing complexity, resulting in significant amounts of dynamic test results data,” said Spirent’s Director of Marketing and Products, Malathi Malla. “With the addition of IQ, Spirent TestCenter has got even smarter, dramatically enhancing our customers’ ability to visualize and understand the dynamic behavior of their systems under test.”