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Falanx talks up growth with SolarWindsMSP security tie-in

Falanx Group has outlined the business opportunity its sees from selling its security services through the managed service provider customers of network and infrastructure support vendor SolarWindsMSP.

The SolarWinds group generates around $1bn in total revenue and SolarWindsMSP's parent is planning to carry through a $5bn IPO in the US later this week. Falanx is the first SolarWindsMSP Threat Monitoring Service Provider (TMSP) in the UK and South Africa markets.

“This partnership gives us ‘first-mover’ advantage with the total addressable market of over 2,000 SolarWindsMSP managed service providers within the UK,” said Falanx. “With an industry average of 50 customers per MSP, we will partner with SolarWindsMSP to sell our complementary services to around 100,000 SolarWindsMSP end customers in the UK alone.”

Falanx’s role as a TMSP is to provide security operations centre services in support of SolarWindsMSP’ own software solutions. It says it believes an entry-level price of £200 per month, per end customer for its SOC service is “likely to support mass adoption”.

Pricing per customer will be determined by the size of their IT estate and incremental services will be charged separately. Falanx will be working with the MSPs in the coming weeks to plan, design and implement the roll out of the programme, and it is anticipated the delivery of services will commence in the first quarter of 2019.

“This partnership reflects the company’s successful strategy in recent years of transitioning to an indirect channel sales model, leveraging MSPs’ trusted status as well as their extensive sales reach and marketing capability,” said Falanx, which says it has seen growth in monitoring revenues of more than 250% in the last two years.

Mike Read, chairman and chief executive officer of Falanx, said: “Combining the marketing and sales power of a $1bn software company with our SOC services and expertise is transformational. Just a modest uptake of services is required to dramatically change Falanx’s financial performance.”

The company provides the MidGARD cyber monitoring platform for corporate and governmental customers, which utilises a combination of proprietary and third-party processes and technologies.