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Mendix launches new programme to accelerate "low code"

Low-code software provider Mendix has launched a set of new programme initiatives designed to support the ecosystem centred around its all-in-one low code platform, fuelling further expansion and growth opportunities for Mendix Makers, ISVs, and Startups.  

According to the company, these initiatives will support and accelerate the “creation, sharing, and monetisation of low-code functionality, service components, and pre-packaged digital solutions needed to empower organisations facing a massive capacity gap and concurrent demands to scale digital enablement in the post-pandemic global economy,” Mendix explained.

The initiatives will focus on three targeted project areas: Industry Solutions, Mendix Marketplace Vendor Programme, and a Startup Accelerator Programme. Each of these initiatives are made to support the low-code community, grow solutions, and help bring value to channel partners, software vendors, participants, and end users across the Mendix ecosystem.

"The need to deploy next-generation capabilities in the market is too great for organisations to build every digital solution from scratch," said Derek Roos, CEO of Mendix. "We are doubling down on our investment in support of makers, partners, and software vendors to create reusable, out-of-the box functionality to dramatically scale up time to value. Organisations can achieve new levels of agility by assembling digital components from within the Mendix ecosystem into solutions."

Industry Solutions, the new unit will deliver customisable templated solutions for specific industry verticals, allowing development teams to utilise Mendix's collective intelligence and its extensive ecosystem in solving several business challenges within their industry. The first of these solutions are for Field Server and Asset Maintenance, which deliver actionable insights to teams responsible for field service management, he says.  

The Marketplace Vendor Programme, which is set to launch early 2021, will provide developers looking to feature their solutions with expanded backend functionality, including in-platform management of pricing, payment, pricing, payment, metering, analytics, and subscription services.

The Startup Accelerator Programme is designed to catalyse new software-centric startups, providing targeted support to startup businesses that develop their products on Mendix within their first year of business. The programme will include an affordable licensing structure, along with training and assistance, to help startup’s efficiently move their businesses forward. 

The launch of these new initiatives comes as Mendix passed a revenue of $100m for the year and announced its entrance into the Asia-Pacific market with new offices opening in Singapore.