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AGAT Software joins BlackBerry’s ISV program

Israel's AGAT Software, a security provider specialising in security and compliance solutions, has joined BlackBerry’s ISV partner program and deployed the SphereShield solution in multiple global financial institutions and government agencies. 

SphereShield extends security solutions for Skype for Business on mobile devices, safely enabling them for external access. When Skype for Business services are used inside a corporate network or through a VPN-connected PC, security risks are negligible. However, the Skype for Business app can be freely installed on a personal device, outside corporate control, and open a traffic channel into the company network. This presents significant risks including theft of domain credentials and malicious traffic entering the network.

SphereShield’s integrated solution with BlackBerry® UEM allows organizations to ensure that only managed devices compliant with the company’s security policy can access Skype for Business. Verification occurs at enrollment but also continuously applies device security level verification to identify devices that have come Out Of Compliance (OOC). The integration utilizes server-side web services in conjunction with a dedicated SphereShield app using BlackBerry Dynamics API.

“We are pleased to be part of BlackBerry’s ISV program and look forward to working together to deliver our dependable and scalable offering to safely enable the use of Skype for Business on mobile devices,” said Yoav Crombie, Business Manager at AGAT Software.

“Being able to manage an enterprise of IoT devices is quickly becoming the new norm for businesses across all industries,” said Peter Ng, Senior Director, Alliances and Business Development, BlackBerry. “By integrating SphereShield with the BlackBerry UEM platform, enterprises can manage a large fleet of diverse and connected devices from a single console, while at the same time ensure communication is compliant, private and secure.”

BlackBerry’s ISV Partner applications are available through the BlackBerry Marketplace and are delivered securely through the BlackBerry Dynamics container.