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UK government commits to Internet of Things

UK Prime Minister Cameron has committed more funding to develop the Internet of Things, and joint development with Germany on various technologies.

There are three specific areas where the UK wants to work with Germany, he says: 5G – faster internet quick enough to download a full length feature film in less than a second; Internet of Things – getting everyday objects talking to one another to simplify daily life; strengthening the EU’s digital single market.

The Prime Minister unveiled a package of measures to achieve this, including:

  • £45 million funding for research in areas linked to the ‘Internet of Things’, taking total pot available to £73 million
  • a new spectrum strategy that aims to double the economic benefits of spectrum to £100 billion by 2025
  • a new ‘innovation one stop shop’ within UKTI for securing science and innovation investment from large international funds and corporate companies
  • a review by government’s Chief Scientific Advisor to identify how we can exploit potential in this area
  • £1 million ‘European Internet of Things’ grant fund to support companies who want to exploit these new opportunities
  • new collaboration to develop 5G between the University of Dresden, King’s College University in London and the University of Surrey