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SAP adds IoT features to Hana database

Service pack 10 (SPS10) for SAP's Hana in-memory database brings with it support for data synchronization between an enterprise data centre and remote locations such as retail stores, ships, and mines. SAP argues this feature, when used in tandem with the company's SQL Anywhere embedded database, makes Hana well-suited for collecting and processing data from IoT devices. Other new features include better integration with the Hadoop and Spark big data software platforms, which are used to analyse massive unstructured datasets (Hana works with structured data). New high-availability and disaster-recovery features add support for systems containing over 12TB of memory while new data-processing features are meant to aid the development of analytics apps running on top of Hana.

SAP has also rolled out an update for its Predictive Analytics software that adds support for wider datasets and SAP's Business Warehouse data warehousing software, better Hana integration, and new algorithms. The German software giant has stopped providing revenue figures for Hana but in its Q1 report, SAP stated Hana customers had nearly doubled yr/yr to more than 6,400, and that it already has over 370 customers for S/4Hana (launched in February), a version of SAP's core Business Suite that runs only on Hana. Over 1,900 customers run Business Warehouse on top of Hana.