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NEC names Dutch partner for microserver business

NEC Enterprise Solutions, has named Dutch ILA Microserver as its first business partner in Europe with a focus on the Smart  DX microserver series. ILA Microservers will provide both end-customers and technology partners with solutions based on the NEC platform. NEC’s DX microserver series provides a scalable solution, allowing customers to start from a small configuration, scaling up to large numbers of compute cores per industry standard racks. Optimized for real-time parallel processing in today’s Big Data and Internet of Things (IoT) era, the DX series is also suitable for high-speed and redundant requirements for cloud workloads.

Fred Buining, co-founder and CEO of ILA Microservers says: “The NEC DX series with 3 types of Intel Xeon-D server nodes is the ultimate hardware for low and medium compute workloads. Hyperscalers, cloud builders and large enterprises can use the DX series for serving, storage, or network function virtualisation. In Oil & Gas, Finance, Industry 4.0 applications the DX series can be used for Big Data analysis, benefiting from its tremendous memory bandwidth performance. The DX2000 is the ideal system for scale out workloads. With its Xeon D processors it provides a better performance/ Watt then the Xeon E3 servers and if we look at the TCO it can even compete with some of the lower end E5 'pizza box' servers. The DX series saves energy, space, labour and provides an unprecedented performance/ Watt for Intel processors.” 

Tonko Wedda, NEC managing director Benelux and Nordics, is very happy with ILA Microservers: “ILA Microservers is the ideal partner for NEC to build new successes with the DX platform. Their focus is extremely important to become a strategic player in this relatively new market. Together we will continue to build use cases and develop new business models that will fit the IoT era.”