IT Europa 2016 predictions

With the global economy set to grow faster than 2015 and the IT industry set for recovery, how is 2016 anything other than good news for the IT channels and IT industry generally?

Well, there are many forces in play which mean that it might be one of the hardest years in which to plan - yes you must grow, but where? Into cloud, which places yet more demands on sales systems and contract management, and where the SMB has yet to commit to buying? Or security, still set to be fast-growing after a stellar 2015, but delivered in what way? Will the new Internet of Things market be ready to buy from channels? And how about getting the business ready for sale in a consolidating industry...

IT Europa's 2016 forecast is a 19 page guide to what the experts are saying. It is essential reading as you sit down to plan your business for next year, with coverage ranging from major vendors' attitudes to industry sectors, the emerging data analytics business, the changing role of distribution, the likely change in demand for acquiring IT businesses of all types, and the all-pervasive underlying need for security. Add to this an expected skills shortage which will affect businesses at all levels, and we have a year where the challenges and outcomes are very variable.

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