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Huawei adds three board members in UK

Lord Browne of Madingley has been named as an independent non-executive chairman at the UK subsidiary of Huawei UK along with Dame Helen Alexander and Sir Andrew Cahn who previously served as a chairman of Huawei’s UK Advisory Board from 2011 to 2014, it says.

According to Huawei, around 70 percent of the staff hired in its UK subsidiary has been recruited locally and now their performance will be reviewed by the newly-elected UK non-executive directors. Among other tasks, the new board members will also hold responsibility for providing counsel to a local management team and the standard legal obligations of directors of a UK limited liability company, it says.

All in all, Browne will now lead the group of six directors, three non-executive and three executive. A Deputy Chairman of the Board, Rotating CEO, Huawei Group, Ken Hu along with a Board Director and SVP, Huawei Group, Chen Lifang and a CEO of Huawei UK, Gordon Luo represent together the executive segment of the Board.

“It is an honour to serve as the first independent Chairman of Huawei’s Board in the UK. In a short period of time, Huawei has become a global leader in technology and one of mainland China’s largest investor in the UK. I have worked in China and with Chinese businesses for the past 40 years, and continue to be impressed by the corporate sector’s ambition and potential. I am delighted to be leading this Board as it supports Huawei’s next phase of growth,” says Lord Browne of his appointment.