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Fujitsu opens R&D centre in Spain

Fujitsu Laboratories of Europe is investing €5m in its newest research centre in Madrid, Spain, to carry out research projects in data analytics, with applications aimed at finance, healthcare, tourism and the environment sectors.

The company will also use this opportunity to position itself in the innovation space as it wants to support its business at a regional level, with a closer collaboration with Fujitsu and its local network of partners in the country. Additionally, it plans to use these connections to gain the insight into a local market and better tailor its future offerings to create a viable proof of concept for both Spanish and outside markets, it says.

Collaboration with academia and other local government agencies will play a key role for driving innovation, it says. For this end the company has begun work on two key projects with the University of Seville and the Foundation for Biomedical Research of San Carlos Clinical Hospital in Spain which are focused on advancing the progress in heritage data integration and integrated services via health informatics, it says.

Fujitsu Laboratories of Europe has also announced that it plans to hire highly-qualified researchers and engineers to work at the Spanish facility and liaise with Fujitsu and other local centres of expertise.

“Our investment in a dedicated R&D facility in Spain is an essential part of supporting existing customer requirements and promoting Fujitsu innovation to a wider audience. As a research organisation, we are committed to bringing our global expertise to local markets, ensuring that we understand and develop solutions for specific regional challenges. We will also be actively recruiting new researchers and engineers, augmenting our R&D expertise base and extending it into exciting new areas,” says Fujitsu Laboratories of Europe’s Chairman Shigeru Sasaki.

“This will strengthen Fujitsu’s reputation for innovation in Spain, building on the foundations we have established together with Fujitsu Laboratories of Europe. The diversity and calibre of projects envisaged with the University of Seville and the Foundation for Biomedical Research of San Carlos Clinical Hospital are a strong starting point, and clear evidence of the potential for future collaborations. We are delighted to welcome the Fujitsu Laboratories of Europe team to Madrid, and look forward to extending the results of Fujitsu innovation to new audiences in the future,” says the head of Fujitsu in Spain, Angeles Delgado.