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Data centre consortium shows how partnering works

A UK IT services company has teamed up with independent data centre operators globally to form a data centre consortium. The initiative is designed to give businesses the widest possible choice of options when it comes to accessing services and data centre infrastructure.

Around 20 members have already joined PSTG's consortium, including aql in Leeds, Cogeco Peer 1 in Southampton, Custodian Data Centres in Kent, EvoSwitch in The Netherlands, MIGSOLV in Norfolk and Servecentric in Dublin.

Colin Woods, business development manager at PSTG, said: “We’ve observed growing customer demand for greater flexibility in terms of service and retail pricing over the years. We also know that organisations are put off changing their facility because of the perceived pain of transition. Our value in the consortium is about the consideration of our customer’s infrastructure, communications and applications, to make recommendations and help them transition to the choice of their facilities.”

All data centre members of the consortium are committed to working in collaboration to support the needs of individual customers, providing access to a wide spread of geographic locations worldwide. Consortium members also include data centres located in Hong Kong, Frankfurt and Luxembourg, among other places.

To join the consortium all members must be “independent, feature next-generation technologies, engage transparently and offer customers ownership of every aspect of delivery”, said PSTG. Each member has to be “open minded to working co-operatively with other members to enable the DR and resilience services today’s organisations need”, it added.

It follows the recent announcement of themes for the London Managed Services and Hosting Summit in September, where experts from Gartner and others will show how the wider co-operation in the industry is enabling better solutions for customers. More details here.